Guide to Diamonds

The 4 C's

Diamonds are graded and categorized by the 4 Cs:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Carat weight

The better the quality of these 4 points the higher the value of the diamond.

In simple terms the larger and purer they are and the fewer flaws they have the more valuable they are. If you can see can see any flaws or carbon specks by eye the diamond has more impurities and will be a lower cost diamond.

Diamonds from Sheila Fleet, the 4Cs we use are:

  • Cut - Brilliant Cut and Princess Cut diamonds are the two shapes we offer. A Brilliant Cut diamond is round; this is the most popular shape, about three-quarters of all diamonds are brilliant cut. Princess Cut was developed in 1980 and is square, it's very popular for engagement rings. We have a stunning ringset where the engagement ring features a Princess Cut diamond and many wonderful rings with Brilliant Cut diamonds.
  • Clarity - we use SI1 diamonds which are "eye clean". That is the naked eye cannot see any imperfections or inclusions as they are correctly known. This gives our customers a very attractive diamond without paying the higher costs associated with diamonds which have only slight inclusions. Such inclusions can generally only be detected by an expert with a magnifying glass.
  • Colour - Diamonds are classified as white or as coloured diamonds. Coloured Diamonds in pinks, blues and even yellow are highly prized and very rare. Most diamonds found in a jeweller's will be white diamonds and these are graded from D-Z. Diamonds D, E, F are colourless and the most expensive of the white diamonds. Our ¼ carat diamonds are D-graded for colour, this is the optimum size to show the colour. Our smaller diamonds are from the top of the next group, Near Colourless. The colour difference is not visible to the eye in these smaller diamonds and the G-H grading keeps the cost more affordable. Our larger diamonds, over ¼ carat in size are also G-H colour graded. At this size the cost of D-graded diamonds rises sharply and our G-H diamonds are suitable for setting in white gold and platinum, two metals which can betray any sign of colour in a diamond. Our G-H diamonds give the best possible fire and sparkle in our smaller and larger diamonds. Our medium-sized ¼ carat diamonds are optimal for using D-graded diamonds.
  • Carat weight - this actually refers to carat weight. One carat (ct) is equivalent to 0.2grams and the heavier the diamond the more expensive it is. We have rings set with diamonds from 0.02 carat right up to a magnificent one carat Diamond Solitaire engagement ring.

We can provide a letter of valuation for insurance purposes, please request when purchasing.

If you would like more information on our diamonds, or you would like a higher grade of diamond, please contact Martin Fleet at the Orkney Workshop.

We can guarantee through our suppliers that diamonds are only sourced from good reputable people