• Mother's Day

    Celebrating mothers all over the world... mothers Sheila and Mairi enjoying a day out on the beach together. Their sons Martin and Hamish were there too... blog coming soon!

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    Sheila says

    I'm wearing the Daisy I designed for Emily, while Mairi is wearing my very latest design. Think of Orkney's stone circles... with a moon.

  • Snowdrop

    A walk through the woods at Forss in Caithness inspired Sheila to capture the magic spirit of the Snowdrop. These small delicate flowers herald the beginning of spring, giving a sign of life and renewal.

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  • Inspired by Love

    A cascade of contemporary rings in three tones of gold and enamelled silver.

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  • Sea & Surf

    Sea & Surf celebrates the power and beauty of Scotland's ocean waves and is the latest in a range of collections Sheila has dedicated to the sea.

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Sheila Fleet Orkney Designer Jewellery